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  • Our DevOps Consulting Services help you to go DevOps, faster.
  • Whether using CI/CD to deploy software faster or describing your Infrastructure as Code, we cover all areas of DevOps.
  • We’ve been voted by enterprise clients on Clutch as Australia’s #1 mobile app development company in 2022/23 with 4.9/5 stars.
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DevOps for Fortune 500 companies and world-class brands

How can we help you?

As a full-service app development company, we go the extra mile to help make your next big project idea a business success. We draw on over 14+ years of experience to offer you the one-stop shop to grow your next project.
Minimum viable product (MVP)

DevOps review

Our experts can help you with migrating your applications to the cloud and developing them in a scalable way. We use the latest tools and technologies to help you identify areas where you can improve.

Enterprise Mobile App development

DevOps for Dev & Ops

DevOps is about much more than just automating the software delivery process. It encompasses the entire application lifecycle, from development to production including the use of CI/CD to deploy software faster or describing your infrastructure as Code.

Scalable mobile app development

DevOps Baked-in

Using DevOps principles, we encourage a culture of automation as well as fast code deployment. Our goal is to provide quality software at scale by automating the entire life cycle of a project from development to production.

Mobile app prototype design and development

We help you innovate through DevOps

We help you innovate through DevOps by automating and streamlining your software development and delivery process. We provide the tools, methodologies, and services that enable you to accelerate your delivery cycle.

What We Offer?

We haven’t just implemented this philosophy, we have identified how we can use it as a method to empower our customers’ operations. Our DevOps Review is the perfect place to start implementing our DevOps principles into your organisation.


DevOps Review

Review your infrastructure and application deployment processes with a view to aligning them to best practices.


Containerisation and architecture

Integrate containers and serverless technologies into your architecture.


Infrastructure-as-Code transitions

Have existing cloud infrastructure that’s been built manually? We can convert it to IaC.


CI/CD pipeline setup & management

We can help implement or optimise your deployment processes.


DevOps culture & practice development

Implement best practice collaboration in your organisation using agile and DevOps fundamentals.


If it's manual: automate

We can help automate your cloud infrastructure – whatever the need is.

Our expertise with DevOps technologies

We will work with you to understand your specific needs and requirements, and then provide you with a highly skilled and experienced professional who can hit the ground running and help you achieve your devOps goal.


We have all the expertise you need to produce fully-fledged, stable, and scalable mobile applications, including:

AWS Services
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Azure
google app engine
Google app engine
New Relic
New Relic

Our DevOps Implementation Process

Our DevOps process help you automate and optimise your IT operations in four steps:

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Our DevOps team performs an end-to-end analysis of your IT processes and software infrastructure to find every stumbling block that prevents the successаful execution of your software strategy.

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Choose a solution

We present possible DevOps solutions to your IT issues, giving you the prospect on the team size, budget, and timeframe before the implementation of the solution.

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Our DevOps engineers can tackle any problem related to your software infrastructure, set up a continuous delivery in line with your business objectives and corporate culture, organize a clear release management process, and more.

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Our DevOps engineers can tackle any problem related to your software infrastructure, set up a continuous delivery in line with your business objectives and corporate culture, organize a clear release management process, and more.

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The implementation of a DevOps solution is a continuously complex challenge. We provide support until your software delivery works like clockwork, defining the timeframe for support before we get started.

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We are leaders in mobile app development in Australia. Whether you’re a business looking to innovate or a startup ready to disrupt the market , our app developers will work with you to build a leading-edge mobile app solution that will set you apart.

Featured project

News Corp Australia

News Corp Australia is part of News Corp, a worldwide, diversified media company focused on creating as well as distributing authoritative and appealing content.  In order to ensure that their content was well-presented, News Corp Australia planned to develop a website with EB Pearls.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • User and Market Research
  • WordPress VIP development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
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Featured project 1

Bannisters Hotels

Bannisters Hotels reinvented seaside luxury. There are sweeping ocean views, vivid Rick Stein seafood, calm poolside beverages, and soothing spa experiences to find here. With the platform, Bannisters offers distinct accommodation options in Port Stephens and Mollymook.

  • UX Design
  • UI Design
  • User and Market Research
  • WordPress
  • Quality Assurance
  • Website Speed enhancement
  • Ongoing Maintenance & Support
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What our clients say

It can be a little daunting to engage a mobile app development company. They proved they could work within my budget, made me realise the ideas stuck inside my brain, and helped me launch multiple mobile app development projects.

Jesse Milani

Founder, Pocket Fuel

I’m a solo entrepreneur and not very good with tech. EB Pearls made it easy, mentoring me through everything. Highly recommend!

Charmaine Hilario

Founder, Whitebow Gift registry

We’re extremely impressed with EB Pearls’ work, technical skill, and ability to adapt, iterate, and learn new skills. Their high attention to detail and eternally positive attitude make working with EB Pearls a wonderful experience.

Sarah Scaife

Product owner, BAXTA

EB Pearls lives up to its reputation. They took Quote Up from the initial start-up to the next level.

David Milanes

Director, QuoteUp

They’re hard-working, determined, and friendly to work with. They always put you first, listen to you, and make you feel like a superstar.

Mitchell Gunner

Founder, Achieved Music

Approachable and accommodating to our exact needs and requirements. Our mobile app’s reception and engagement have been great, and the design is very user-friendly. EB Pearls is very professional, always on track, and always delivers to our expectations.

Roberto Peresa

Founder, Aguzzo Group

EB Pearls provided great clarity on the scope, timeline, design, and stages of developing our app, which gives users access to a database of more than 1,000 roles. They stuck rigidly to our production schedule and delivered as promised.

Mike Fields

Director, Care Careers

We finished our MVP on time and on budget and are on our way to building a strong business. Thanks to the guys at EB Pearls, they pay a lot of attention to our projects and help ensure our success.

Mitchell Stapleton-Coory

Founder, Bellr

EB Pearls delivered a great-looking, functional web and mobile application. Their transparency and level of understanding made it easier to create my own app a seamless process.

Grace Wilkie

Founder, Vaultd Pty Ltd

Tell us a bit about your mobile apps project

As a full-service agency, we go the extra mile to help make your next big app idea a business success. We draw on over 12+ years of experience to offer you the complete package to grow.

What is DevOps?

Development and operations, or DevOps, combines two IT specialities. It is a way of thinking and a methods for boosting cooperation, communication, and speed.

DevOps combines development methods with operations disciplines to improve software development and deployment, as well as IT infrastructure automation. Agile in practise is fundamentally based on DevOps principles. Teams can leverage agile techniques to shorten delivery timelines with DevOps at every level of a project, while also enhancing security and scalability as they progress through the development phases.

* Personalised Discovery session with an expert
Mobile App Development and Design

Real DevOps results

This DevOps delivery model is the key to our success as an organisation, as it allows us to move faster and be more agile in our operations. We believe that this is the future of software development and are committed to continue working in this way.

Our DevOps delivery model has helped us to improve our processes and become more efficient in our delivery. We have been able to reduce the time it takes to deliver new features and products to our customers, and we continue to improve our processes so that we can deliver even faster in the future.

Mobile App Development Sydney

The matrix of DevOps

We leverage tools like Cloud Formation, AWS Cloud Development Kit, Terraform (and more!) to construct DevOps solutions, including containerization with Docker, infrastructure automation, CI/CD Pipelines, testing, monitoring, coding and secrets management. We gave the procedures for achieving speedy code & IaC deployments structure.

* Tailored app strategy session with our creative director
Mobile App Development and Design

Tell us a bit about your mobile apps project

As a full-service agency, we go the extra mile to help make your next big app idea a business success. We draw on over 12+ years of experience to offer you the complete package to grow.

Deploying code faster with strategic tools

Code management and CI/CD and work together seamlessly. We are motivated by the notion that any environment or application should be simple to modify and deploy. To automate deployment and support agile development, we implement CI/CD Pipelines. With the aid of programmes like BitBucket, GitHub, and AWS Code Deploy, we have implemented procedures that have enhanced a testing pipeline and speed up the development process.

Mobile app developer sydney

DevOps frameworks, agile culture

We are recognised to be an AWS Consulting Partner that has won awards. We have collaborated with numerous organisations to help them use our DevOps platform to accelerate code deployment, increase developer productivity, and improve operations.

Mobile Application Design Services

Award Winning Team

Ready to turn your winning idea into a reality? We’ve got the right people to make it happen. Our large and growing team of mobile application developers and UX designers are innovators and leaders in what they do.

We deliver incredible results for our clients and we’re proud to say our work stands out and gets recognised.

Michael Signal
Michael Signal Creative Director
Akash Shakya
Akash Shakya Director
EB Pearls UX team
Dannie Duong UX Designer
EB Pearls UX team
Mitchel Woods UX Designer
EB Pearls UX team
Tiffany Palmer UI Designer
EB Pearls Dev team
Amit Joshi Operations Manager
team member ebpearls
Nikesh Maharjan Solution Architect
Team Member Eb Pearls
Rabin Shrestha Project Manager
Shobin Lamichhane Sr. Developer
Shamal Budhathoki System Administrator

Why chose EB Pearls for your mobile app development company ?

Mobile app industry leader - EB pearls

Industry leader

We are leaders in mobile app development in Australia. When you work with us, you get over a decade’s experience with the latest technology, practices, and standards needed for developing mobile apps on time and on budget.

Most experience app development team sydney


We have one of the most experienced and largest teams of mobile app developers in Sydney . Most of our 240+ in-house web and mobile app developers have been working with us for over 14 years and producing award-winning mobile apps.

Automated Testing

Agile process

We have a solid process to handle projects of any size and complexity. We have built an infrastructure that will allow us to scale up or down resources for the best quality and most affordable outcome.


Always in-house

We don’t outsource; we source, hire, train and payroll all our talented employees, so you know the people working on your project are of the highest calibre and completely trustworthy.

Web Application Firewall

Proven results

As Australia’s most successful mobile app builder company, we’ve got the experience, expert team, and ‘App Store Top 10′ track record to turn your idea into an innovative and highly downloaded application. We also have a 4.9-star rating from a customer review on the clutch.

Ebpearls Commitment

Cost effective

We do all our client communication, UX design, UI design, and Quality assurance in Sydney. We do all our development in our own development center in Kathmandu, Nepal. Hence, keeping the cost of development down by nearly 40% without compromising quality or time requirements.

What happens next

  1. Our sales team reaches you within a few hours to organise a FREE consultation.
  2. Meanwhile, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level and protection of your idea.
  3. We will conduct a FREE consultation to understand your business requirements and will answer any questions you may have.
  4. Our expert strategist presents project estimates and approximate timelines.

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