Agile website & mobile app development process

Here’s a step by step guide to what to expect in your web and mobile application development process


Your confidentiality is paramount

It goes without saying that we’ll always help you safeguard your idea with ironclad protection. So we start the process with the signing of a watertight non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We can also help you register your idea, to protect your intellectual property.


Scoping your idea

In our FREE initial consultation, we will discuss the project in detail and work through the concept to outline the opportunities and challenges moving forward. We’ll supply you with a free proposal that is clearly broken down into the cost and timeline of each phase, so that you’re able to make a highly informed decision , right from the start.



We will perform an in-depth analysis of target audience, competitor, market size and growth opportunities. This will help us devise an application development strategy to target features that are highly impactful. We will also assist you to create a marketing and monetisation strategy to acquire, convert, retain and nurture your potential customer .

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We have delivered every development release on time since 2004, thanks to our meticulous planning procedure, large resource pool and 4-stage quality assurance process.

UX Design

UX design

We will conduct a workshop to brainstorm all key features of the project and develop a product backlog of the functional and nonfunctional requirements. Next, we will wireframe all the screens of the application and connect them to build an interactive wireframe. This will help us perform user engagement testing by simulating the application right from this early stage.

Ui Design

UI design

Based on the wireframe and the brand guidelines, our UI team will create the first few screens of the application to define the ‘design direction’. Once the design concept has been signed off, we will design the rest of the screens utilising atomic design principles . We will create a fully interactive prototype of the design to ensure all the application flow is seamless.



The actual building of your project involves developing code and integrating with third-party application. We will undertake a full technical review of the project and define programming language, database, app store submissions, hosting requirements and much more. We will provide you with a detailed project plan and use Agile Scrum methodology to regularly update the project process.

Development using SCRUM®

When we reach the stage of actually building your project, it’s vital that all the moving parts come together at the right time. That’s where the global leading methodology- SCRUM comes handy in our process.

Agile scrum framework for app development Agile scrum framework for app development

The Daily Stand-up

The Daily Stand-up is an internal meeting that we conduct to ensure each developer is on track with the project and if they have hit any road-blocks.

The Sprint

The sprint is 2-4 weeks work duration where the development team aims to develop, test, debug and release a set of features as defined in the planning.

The Sprint Review

The Sprint Review is the demonstration of the features completed during the sprint. All parties involved will provide feedback and accept or rejects the features completed.

The Retrospective

The Retrospective is a team meeting in the Sprint to determine what went well, what didn’t go well, and how the team can improve in the next Sprint.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance

Our quality assurance team prepares detailed test cases to cover all the functionality of the website/mobile application. In each phase of the project, QA extensively tests the completed features and also performs regression testing, loading testing and integration testing. In addition, our UX and UI team will also conduct usability testing before each major release to ensure the highest quality is maintained.



We will ensure that the product is polished before we launch it backed up by our 4-staged quality assurance process. In order to prepare for launch, we will configure the server, manage your DNS, complete our launch checklist, assist you with activities such as app store submission content, landing pages, SEO audit and much more.

Maintenance Support


The world’s most popular projects are continually being updated, and yours will be no different. Our expertise from the development team can take care of all ongoing fixations, assessment and maintenance. We also conduct regular comprehensive analytics analysis and suggest any action that we may have to take. Rest assured your application will be constantly updated and any issues or crashes will be actionable without delays.

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