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At EB Pearls, our team of enterprise solution experts helps you design your unique business processes and create an efficient model for your business.

We work with some of Australia’s leading government, retail and corporate organisations to improve their digital platforms with ease whilst being cost-efficient.

How can we help you?

When you turn to EB pearls, you get decade-long experience in designing and developing web and mobile applications . We leverage the latest tech, practices, and standards to help you create high quality software within the required timeframe.
Mobile app prototype design and development

Product prototyping

Not ready to invest in web or mobile app development due to a lack of funding or market research? Our UX and UI team can help you by developing a prototype for market validation and fundraising.

Mobile app prototype design and development

Minimum viable product

Do you have a new app development idea? We can help you ideate, design, and build a minimum viable product (MVP) to target your early adopters and gain the product knowledge to continuously manage and optimise.

Enterprise Mobile App development

Enterprise App development

Do you have the vision to create the next big thing? We can help you with UX design, UI design, app development , optimization, and management of a complete custom software development.

Product Scaling

Product scaling

Do you have an existing product or MVP? We can collaborate with you and your team to take your product to the next level. You can leverage our staff augmentation model to power your development team.

Your business idea is 100% protected with EB Pearls

NDA for app development

EB Pearls take confidentiality with utmost priority and you are protected by the global Non-Disclosure Agreement for your business idea.

*Non-Disclosure Agreement is a legal document that protects your idea
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  • Wireframes
  • Branding
  • User testing
  • UI designs
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  • Wireframes
  • Branding
  • User testing
  • UI designs
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Get a 1-hour FREE Consultation

We provide an unbiased opinion on the potential, feasibility, process, growth opportunity, and risk of your mobile app idea.

Value proposition for app development

Value Proposition

  • Use the value proposition canvas to begin your company strategy by first comprehending your consumers’ problems and advantages.
Market potential review from App developers

Market Potenital

  • We’ll look at what the client wants and needs in detail as part of our due diligence. We’ll use the business model canvas to examine if the project is commercially and technologically feasible.
Mobile app development cost and timeline

Cost & Timeframe

  • Providing you with a detailed proposal with an analysis of the work involved and the efforts required.
*Tailored Mobile app development strategy with unbiased idea validation

Let us turn your entrepreneurial idea into a world class app

Our team of expert app developers will work with you to create a customised, user-friendly app that meets the specific needs of your business. We have a proven track record in delivering high-quality apps that are both functional and visually appealing.

What sets us apart from other app development companies is our commitment to providing a personalised service. We will take the time to understand your business and your goals for the app. We will then create a bespoke solution that is designed to meet those needs.

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Competitor Analysis

Market Research

Value Proposition Canvas

Business Model Canvas

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UX & UI Design

User Interview

Stakeholder workshop


Low-fi Prototyping

User testing

UI Design

Hi-fi Prototyping

Usability testing

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iOS App Development

Android App Development

Flutter App Development

NodeJS Development

ReactJS Development

Microservices architecture

Dev Ops

Quality assurance

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Cloud Operations


Data Operations


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Product Analytics

Business Intelligence


A custom solution that meets your industry needs

Whether you’re needing an enterprise website, an app, (or both); we can help you create the right combination of technologies to give you the cutting-edge solution you’re looking for. By carefully analysing your industry and defining exactly what solutions are most in demand, we’ll carefully tailor your idea to ensure the greatest chance of success.

Mobile App Development Sydney

Your application, fully optimised

While a functional app might do the job, if it’s slow or unappealing visually, it’s not going to be popular with your staff or clients.

We give clients full flexibility in how they want their site to look, with an endless array of options to suit even the most difficult of design briefs. Our enterprise development experts then optimise how your site loads and renders, making it as fast and user-friendly as possible.

* Personalised Discovery session with an expert
Mobile App Development and Design

Get a FREE 1-hour consultation to get your app started

Looking to expand your reach to over billions of users? Partner with EB Pearls to get high-quality, innovative and user-friendly applications.

What our clients say

It can be a little daunting to engage a mobile app development company. They proved they could work within my budget, made me realise the ideas stuck inside my brain, and helped me launch multiple mobile app development projects.

Jesse Milani

Founder, Pocket Fuel

I’m a solo entrepreneur and not very good with tech. EB Pearls made it easy, mentoring me through everything. Highly recommend!

Charmaine Hilario

Founder, Whitebow Gift registry

We’re extremely impressed with EB Pearls’ work, technical skill, and ability to adapt, iterate, and learn new skills. Their high attention to detail and eternally positive attitude make working with EB Pearls a wonderful experience.

Sarah Scaife

Product owner, BAXTA

EB Pearls lives up to its reputation. They took Quote Up from the initial start-up to the next level.

David Milanes

Director, QuoteUp

They’re hard-working, determined, and friendly to work with. They always put you first, listen to you, and make you feel like a superstar.

Mitchell Gunner

Founder, Achieved Music

Approachable and accommodating to our exact needs and requirements. Our mobile app’s reception and engagement have been great, and the design is very user-friendly. EB Pearls is very professional, always on track, and always delivers to our expectations.

Roberto Peresa

Founder, Aguzzo Group

EB Pearls provided great clarity on the scope, timeline, design, and stages of developing our app, which gives users access to a database of more than 1,000 roles. They stuck rigidly to our production schedule and delivered as promised.

Mike Fields

Director, Care Careers

We finished our MVP on time and on budget and are on our way to building a strong business. Thanks to the guys at EB Pearls, they pay a lot of attention to our projects and help ensure our success.

Mitchell Stapleton-Coory

Founder, Bellr

EB Pearls delivered a great-looking, functional web and mobile application. Their transparency and level of understanding made it easier to create my own app a seamless process.

Grace Wilkie

Founder, Vaultd Pty Ltd

Award Winning Team

Michael Signal
Michael Signal Creative Director
Akash Shakya
Akash Shakya Director
EB Pearls UX team
Dannie Duong UX Designer
EB Pearls UX team
Mitchel Woods UX Designer
EB Pearls UX team
Tiffany Palmer UI Designer
EB Pearls Dev team
Amit Joshi Operations Manager
team member ebpearls
Nikesh Maharjan Solution Architect
Team Member Eb Pearls
Rabin Shrestha Project Manager
Shobin Lamichhane Sr. Developer
Shamal Budhathoki System Administrator

What happens next

  1. Our sales team reaches you within a few hours to organise a FREE consultation.
  2. Meanwhile, we sign an NDA to ensure the highest privacy level and protection of your idea.
  3. We will conduct a FREE consultation to understand your business requirements and will answer any questions you may have.
  4. Our expert strategist presents project estimates and approximate timelines.

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