Our role in the project

User experience

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Research
  • UI/UX Audit
  • Stakeholders workshop
  • Product strategy
  • Rapid prototyping

User interface design

  • UI/UX Design
  • Visual design
  • Website design
  • User testing


  • Wordpress VIP theme development


  • UI/UX Audit
  • Stakeholders workshop

Technology Used

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Project Overview

GRAZIA sought to improve their website by completely redesigning the user experience and user interface of the site. EB Pearls worked with GRAZIA to ensure that the website was developed to their specifications and in a way that would make the website appeal to their target audience, drawing them in and encouraging users to spend more time on the site.

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User Problems

User Problems

The website for GRAZIA was visually unappealing to the businesses audience. The client sought to improve the user experience of the website for its users. EB Pearls designed the end product uniquely and to Grazia’s specifications, and used both interactive pictures and thumbnails that appeal to users.

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With the client, we went through different processes to understand the project. We went through the user flow diagram, app development language, and framework and tried to map how it should all work, making a lot of changes.

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Backlog creation

Backlog creation

We also developed a well-prioritized agile backlog to make release and iteration planning easy, this communicated all the things that the team planed to spend time on. Once the backlog was created, it was regularly maintained to keep pace with the project.

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Backlog grooming

Backlog grooming

During this process, the feedback from the client was collected. This resulted in adjusting, adding, design and workflow sketches, and so on. This also allowed us to understand what tasks to prioritise and also to track the project progress.

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User Experience and Design


Design Sprint

Design Sprint

The design sprint of this project assured all the team members were on the same page, this resulted in a successful collaboration of the team. Furthermore, performance, plan, and progress were shared with the client by the prototyping and testing of solutions.

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Internal Testing

Internal Testing

To get feedback and improve further, internal testing was done. After the testing, the most important goal we kept on our mind was easy navigation to reach the desired screens, as well as the uniformity in the screens.


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Font Family for the website
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Development Sprint

Web Design

Sprint Planning

Sprint Planning

Once the product owner described the objectives of back log and sprint, our scrum team performed all the steps in the sprint. Additionally, the development team planned the essential tasks needed to meet the sprint goal.


The delivered website is one that was polished and met expectations perfectly. GRAZIA and EB Pearls continue to work together on a retainer basis to improve the site.




One of the major lessons we learned was that even if we are implementing something new to the audience, we need to be flexible enough to cater to other audiences as well. Furthermore, we also created too many business rules for avoiding loopholes, that it made it rigid for the admin or the sales agent if something changes.


Next steps

Next steps

After the website is developed, we regularly communicate with the client and we are always available for future maintenance and are committed to ongoing support. Moreover, we are monitoring the features that have been released.